Just your average Joe next door

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Training + Experience = Results

Over 30 commericals and industrials.

17 large to small-budget films.

Over 50 stage performances.

Terminal degree in acting.   

When you're on set, you want talent that can produce results. You want an actor who comes prepared and is relaxed and impulsive. You want someone who understands the intricacies of a commercial or film set and knows exactly what his job is. You want an actor who is there to help make the shoot the best it can be.

My 20 years trained experience on film and on stage allow me to produce an honest, instinctive performance that delivers the message. My experience with film editing and production allows me to produce multiple takes with subtle variations in performance that are easily editable in post. 

Don't just hire another pretty face - hire that guy next door for the results you want.

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Leighton Agency, Inc. - (480) 704-8800

Training and affiliations

Masters of Fine Arts, Acting - Illinois State University

Bachelor of Arts, Theatre, Acting Emphasis - Arizona State University

S.A.G. - A.F.T.R.A. member - Financial Core